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Specialized in Indian ethnic womenswear and corporates, our smart sourcing and manufacturing capabilities provide fabrics that fulfill the client expectations, are well made, and are delivered on time and budget. We offer design, development, and manufacturing services. Our team of designers creates brilliant designs and offers them in the form of different fabrics & styles. Constant playing and mixing of different threads help us create striking fabrics to suit the personal needs of every client.

For each order we create a prototype for the client’s approval, allowing the client to test and refine the functionality of the design. Once the samples are approved, we commence bulk manufacture. Communication is the key to making sure production runs smoothly. We keep our clients informed of progress through telephone and virtual or in-person meetings. Finally, Quality checks take place in the finishing stages, before the items are packaged for delivery.

Fabrics We Offer

Leadership through Design

We aim to lead the market by focusing on generating innovative design solutions. we apply unique design approaches to different customer needs, helping us to sustain leadership over time.

The Pursuit of Excellence

Perfection is overrated, we strive for excellence. In discovering novel solutions, we often falter but only learn from our mistakes. In the pursuit of excellence, we explore, we grow, and we prosper.

Application driven solutions

We create application-driven designs by first carefully assessing each project and then delivering custom fabric solutions. Each blend of fabric serves a different purpose, personalized for a specific climate or function.

Passion for Creativity

We lead our way to innovation with our passion and perseverance for creativity. We approach our challenges with curiosity and knowledge, hoping for discoveries to happen.